Project description

Our project is cofinanced by European Union and European Regional development Fund under the Smart Growth operational Programme. This project is realized within the subsidy from National Research and Development Centre: Fast Path – 1.1.1 POIR, tytuł projektu: “Mobile sliding construction building MODEA-PACO”. The aim of the project is to develop during the R&D works a new technology of prefabricated wooden construction, in the form of a
fold-out mobile construction object, which will be carried out entirely in the production hall. Main features of our new building technology are:

  • pull-in/pull-out installation system,
  • fast disassembling and assembling possibility without any damage or interfere in the construction of the building,
  • transportation from place to place without any problems,
  • very fast installation at construction site,
  • energy-efficiency of our buildings,

Project Value: 7.408.500,00 PLN
European Union subsidy: 4.445.100,00 PLN