MULtifunctional object grow-ex

BOX złożony

Grow-EX complex - Plan

Grow-EX complex - Plan


Building space complex/decomposed

6,6 m2 / 12m2

Useable living space complex/decompsed

5,5 m2 / 10,5 m2

Building height

2,93 m

External dimension complex/decomposed

3m x 2,2m / 3m x 4m

Rooms height


BOX rozłożony

Grow-Ex decomposed - Plan

Grow-Ex decomposed - Plan

Grow – Ex is an new multifunctional object based on steel frame construction designed with electric cylinders  which enables fast automatic assembling and disassembling.

The automatic system is carried out by using remote control or control box. 

The building is designed in construction technology of pull-out walls with the possibility of fast automatic assembling and disassembling which enables fast transportation.

Grow-Ex can be used as:

  • mobile office
  • silent room at airports and office buildings
  • gaming and chillout room
  • lounge room at swimming pools in exclusive Hotels VIP areas
  • advertising Box with LED screens at trade fairs ( mobile office ) and public places
  • smoking area at airports combined with advertising space on it

Grow-Ex can be made with photovoltaic panels and LED screens which are installed on external walls.

Grow-Ex sizes can be customized on customers request.


External visualisation

Internal visualisation

Main materials used

  • Object based on steel frame insulated with XPS styrodur or other different material.*
  • Steel frame made from certificated steel.
  • Autoamtic electric cylinders which control the assembling and disassembling of Grow-Ex
  • External facade (elevation) made from large-sized panels made by Lamilux. with the possibility to add LED screens and PV panels.
  • Roof made from polycarbonate.*
  • Windows made from aluminium or plastic.*
  • Front door with glass made from aluminium or plastic opened to the outside
  • Internal walls and floor made from Lamilux panels.*

* all materials used can be customized on customers request



  • HVAC or heating radiator designed


  • on customers request


Basci and optional installations:

  • lightning point
  • lightning on and off points
  • socket points
  • HVAC and recuperation installation
  • photovoltaic installation and LED screens (optional)
  • internet link and WiFi
  • remote control for assembling and disassembling of Grow-EX

Price depends from version and materials choosed. In case of interest please send inquiry through E-Mail or Telephone.