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Technology and Research

Within received from National Research and Development Centre EU subsidy and cooperation with Malopolska Centre for Energy-efficient Buildings, Technical University of Lodz and Cracow University of Technology we developed a new construction technology. We have made together with those Universities several material tests to find those which have the lowest thermal conductivity. As a result of those researches we developed energy-efficient sandwich panels which we use in our production.

Prototypes which have been developed and built have below main features:

  • building airtightness tested using method “blower door” n50 < 1[1/h]*
  • heat transfer coefficient U for building partitions is <0.2 [W/(m2×K)]*

Our every house model has a precisely designed mechanical vantilation with recuperation which ensures free air movement, eliminates moisture and improves the water vapour  diffusion through walls.

The new technology of pull-out walls which was developed by our company allows to create a new construction style called harmonic buildings which production and installation is very fast, precise and without additional transport permissions.

Beside the cross-section of building partitions together with materials used.