Model „M”

Model „M” - building space 70m2

Plan - Model M Complex

Plan - Model M Complex


Building space

53,3 m2

Useable living space

41,4 m2

Building hight

5,6m ( till bottom of the plate )

External dimension

10,0m x 5,3m

Rooms hight


Rooms specification

01. entrance area – 6,8 m2
02. living area – 18,1 m2
03. bathroom – 4,7 m2
04. bedroom – 8,9 m2
05. utility room – 2,9 m2

Plan - Model M Decomposed

Plan - Model M Decomposed

Single-family, detached, onestorey building with gable roof. It fits the technical requirements for enery-efficient house.

This model can be used as a single-family house or for individual recreation.

The building is designed in our new construction technology of pull-out walls which enables fast assembling at customers place or quick disassembling, transportation without permissions and express installation in a different place.

Development state „PREMIUM”.

External visualisation

Internal visualisation

Example of materials and installations used in PREMIUM version

  • Building made from structural insulated panels (SIP) with PU foam core.
  • Frame house, made from certificated wood in class C24.
  • External facade (elevation) made from large-sized panels made by Rockpanel with 50 years of guarantee.
  • Standing seem roof cladding.
  • Aluminium, triple glazed windows.
  •  Aluminium, warm profile front door.
  • Full internal doors with white frames made by Polskone.
  • Internal ,,dry” walls facade made from norwegian Huntonit panels.
  • Internal ,,wet” walls facade (e.g. bathroom ) made from norwegian water resistant panels Fibo.
  • Floors in ,,dry” rooms made from laminated wooden panels Quick-Step.
  • Floor in ,,wet” room ( e.g. bathroom ) made from vinyl panels Nomad
  • Skirting boards in ,,dry” rooms made from mdf panels. 
  • Skirting boards in ,,wet” rooms made from aluminium



  • water heating system designed by using hot water tank
  • plumbing installations made in the building: water pipes and sewerage


  • HVAC designed
  • heating radiator


  • mechanical with recuperation


Basci and optional installations:

  • lightning points
  • lightning on and off points
  • socket points
  • heating radiator and electric heater
  • entryphone and bell
  • HVAC and recuperation installation
  • photovoltaic installation (optional)

Smart Home Installation (optional):

  • smoke system
  • lightning remote control through smartphone

Price depends from version and materials choosed. In case of interest please send inquiry through E-Mail or Telephone.